Streaming Audio

It is not often there is a genuine revolution in music replay (upturn, rather than going around).

Streaming of all kinds is a liberation and a music lovers dream.

Let me explain how we see the different forms of Streaming and how the best players integrate these forms. A Streamer is simply a box just like a CD player but without the CD mechanism. The music comes from a hard drive via a broadband router rather than a CD disc. Other than that it has all the properties of a proper piece of HiFi.

Just a small techy definition at this point. Often a poor WiFi connection has nothing to do with the quality or speed of your internet connection to the outside world (WAN – wide area network). Audience can improve your WiFi within your home (LAN – local are network) but not your internet speed. Hence the first scenario below is not dependent on the speed of your connection is the outside world.

In order to control a Streamer and select music you just need an ‘app’. So your phone or tablet suddenly becomes the most wonderful remote control.

For a lot of our customers they still have an extensive CD collection. So, first things first. Let’s get those CDs ripped (recorded in non computer speak) and stored on a hard drive connected to your broadband router. Once this has been achieved then the speed of your internet connection is no longer an issue. You have complete control of the music you own and can play it through your HiFi system at will.

In addition that clever Streamer can provide access to that giant pool of music ‘The Internet’.

Let’s look at a wonderful source of worldwide music, Internet Radio. Our Streamers have this feature built in which allows you to browse radio stations from one side of the world to the other. Most of our favourites are there including the BBC and Classic FM. But there are also Reggae stations from Jamaica to jazz from Japan.

Then there is the amazing world of the online jukebox. More often referred to as ‘Spotify’ or ‘Tidal’, these subscription services offer an astounding library of music to be played as often as you like. A bit like the trend for leasing cars, in a way you just lease the music without owning it.

Add to this the extraordinary flexibility of being able to send ‘content’ (music, sound from YouTube or Netflix for example) directly from your phone or tablet to the Streamer and you have the ultimate universal player for any audio you may wish to play.