Music Source


Vinyl Replay

Over the past 10 years convenience has been the watch word. Music and much else at your fingertips. Well maybe everyone wants something a little different now and again. Something slower, grounded, thoughtful, soul nourishing.

Perhaps I exaggerate but playing records is certainly back and much appreciated. We currently have 8 turntables on demonstration from the Rega Planar1 to the Linn Klimax LP12. Come and check out a revolver…..


It is not often there is a genuine revolution in music replay (upturn, rather than going around). Streaming of all kinds is a liberation and a music lovers dream. Let me explain how we see the different forms of Streaming and how the best players integrate these forms. A Streamer is simply a box just like a CD player but without the CD mechanism. The music comes from a hard drive via a broadband router rather than a CD disc. Other than that it has all the properties of a proper piece of HiFi.


Ever had the feeling you are listening to your musical life for the second time on BBC Radio2 or the news is just too weighty on BBC Radio4 or the adverts are infuriating on commercial radio. Well step into the world of Internet Radio. I believe there are 55,000 stations available, in other words something for everyone from anywhere around the world. A family favourite is Radio Paradise from California, as they say –

Our specialty is taking a diverse assortment of songs and making them flow together in a way that makes sense harmonically, rhythmically, and lyrically — an art that, to us, is the very essence of radio.

Internet Radio is also available in good to great quality depending on the station.

Don’t forget FM (arguably the best sound) and Digital radio now more widely available.


Sources have come and gone. History is littered with the latest greatest sounding machine to play our music on. Many of us will have bought our favourite music on a few different formats.

Well, CD has been around for a long time and is a bit of an old faithful these days. Many of our customers still have a CD collection and want to be able to play them directly. Not as tactile as vinyl, not as flexible as Streaming but pop one of those silver discs into a decent CD player and it just plays.

CD players improved immensely over the years becoming less clinical and harsh. A CD player from Arcam, Naim or Rega still produces a great sound which isn’t dependant on WFi, Apps, Routers or the Internet. Simple.