What can we say about the Naim Fraim that has not already been said.

Like all Naim products this has been the result of years of development and research in how shelves interact with each other and their effect on audio performance.

Being a Naim product you can expect it to be a performance inspired piece of engineering and that is exactly what it is. It blends the characteristics inherent in glass, wood and aluminium to get the maximum quality sound from any components from the most exotic to the most humble.


When you discover a style of furniture you like it is always a shame when it can’t be supplied in the finish you want, or maybe it is just too big or just too small for your space.

Quadraspire prides itself on presenting an attractive range of furniture available in a wide variety of finishes, heights and sizes to solve any problem.

Under the direction of Designer, Eddie Spruit and with manufacturing based just outside Bath you could say Quadraspire are our local team.

Beauty, Style and Performance

Furniture to house your equipment is as integral to its performance as it is a practical necessity. Audience presents a range which will enhance your audio and visual experience.

Your equipment can be hidden in a cabinet and still be controlled through special repeater control systems.

If any of our ‘off the shelf’ stands don’t quite meet your requirements, then have a look at Ooma Design. They can design and build furniture in your choice of woods. You may even want to add some bespoke tables or shelves to match.



Have a look at their website here.

It’s great to see a company blossom. When Bradley brought his rack to us we just thought it was a great ‘sounding’ idea. After winning many awards we are pleased to say you saw here her first (or ninth….)


Isoblue equipment racks offer a clean, simple look to house your system. The design is graceful and fine lined in any of the finishes available but it carries a little secret for you to discover…….

This modular equipment stand is built on a technology known as de-coupling. The groove and edge fit of the shelves is designed to minimize the contact area between the shelves and therefore whatever is sited on them.

The long and short of it is that if you like the look you will love the sound.

Stop press…….Just released is the new HF rack. This is a black lacquer only version of the classic Isoblue look in 4 shelves. This is the introduction to Isoblue’s range… us for details


This is an example of German engineering at its best.

Spectral offers an extremely high quality range of contemporary looking supports with such a choice of finish and form that it is highly likely that the support you specify will be your own unique creation.

The picture above is close to the support we chose for the shop front. We opted for larger draws on the bottom and also including the ability to hang a flat screen.

Please call in and have a look at it, have a play with the drawers….it will tell you all you need to know.


John Griffiths

Some years ago whilst on a custom installation we met with John Griffiths of Ooma design. We were putting our equipment into the cabinetry he had designed and built and a mutual appreciation society was born…

We are pleased to say we now have examples of johns work in the shop to give a flavour of what is possible. If you like the style but have your own dimensions, no problem. This is custom bespoke furniture and can be made exactly to you specifications.