It is a great pleasure to deal with companies who offer the highest level of support and the most innovative and wonderful sounding equipment. This doesn’t happen by accident of course. To become successful these companies commit to the most specialist research and development. It takes years and generations of brilliant and imaginative minds to create product that are of the highest performance and stunning build quality.

We are proud to offer equipment from these people, our friends.


Arcam have spent their history listening to customers and responding with products that surprise and delight. Imagine taking the wonderful sound of a stereo amplifier and incorporating that into a Home Cinema amplifier. Thank you Arcam for bringing music and film together.

They have two of the most wonderful and keenly priced single box beauties in the form of Solo Music and Solo Movie. Any Arcam product from their NEW Streamer rPlay to their stonking phonostage and headphone amplifier delivers grace and poise.


Many of the products we have on demonstration have graced our own systems at home over the years. I remember back in the day a pair of DM2 speakers playing at parent annoying volumes, over 40 years ago.

Bowers&Wilkins have grown into a stunningly meticulous, brave, imaginative and bold manufacturer with global influence.

Audience are one of the few 800 series dealers in the country and mighty chuffed to be so. 800 series has evolved over the years into what can only be described as possibly the best loudspeakers in the world. We have the full range on continuous demonstration here at the shop.


Our French friends produce much more than fine wine and nuclear power plants. Speakers of course, Sopra loudspeakers specifically. Understandably there is a wonderful synergy with Naim amplifiers but these speakers would grace any system. It is also worth a trip to Audience to have a tasting of Focal Utopia and Elear headphones. Magnifique.

Naim Audio

Being able to repair and service the first amplifier you ever built over 45 years ago is remarkable. But this company doesn’t make just ordinary HiFi, or extraordinary HiFi come to that. Naim make some of the best ever HiFi.

But what does that mean. Well to the legion of Naim customers it means having a HiFi system that delivers music in a way that is utterly engrossing.


Qobuz is a French streaming service which also sells music to download. What is unique about Qobuz is it offers an extensive range of ‘Studio Master’ 24 bit recording to purchase. There is also a subscription which allows the streaming of 24 bit Masters over the Internet. There are some incredible innovations going on in music and that ‘Source’ just got way better.


Our dear friend Nick who used to work here at Audience represents Audioquest in the UK.

I think I can only describe them as having caught the zeitgeist. The array of cables and accessories on offer is head spinning. However each product has been carefully designed and offer amazing upgrades to systems. Rather than get bogged down in fruitless arguments about what difference a particular cable can make, we simply offer a listening opportunity at the shop or at home. Shrug off those doubts and uncertainties and grab a cable.

The Chord Company

Hand built in Wiltshire. Chord always feel like one of ours. From guitar leads to the finest digital interconnects Chord always deliver. Fancy something a little bespoke, Chord do that. Have a look at their website for loads of friendly information.


All I wanted in the 80’s was an LP12. Most of my waking hours were devoted to how on earth I could afford one. Well eventually I did without realising that 35 years later this turntable would still be the benchmark for all others. Amazingly we have sold more LP12s in the first half of 2017 than CD players, who would have thought it….

About 10 years ago, Linn popped into the shop with a Router, a Computer, Sneaky DS and a pair of small speakers. Just that simple streaming system was fantastic. Such a sense of natural sound and wonderfully musical. I was converted to streaming right there and then.

It is with amazement that I realise Linn software runs just as well on their first streamers as it does on the very latest astounding Katalyst streamers. There are few technological devices that can make that claim.


Along with some other British HiFi companies Rega are over 45 years old. And like Linn they have seen turntables boxed up and retired to the loft. Well what a turnaround. Excepting our customers who never thought CD was better those turntables are being dusted off, unboxed, serviced upgraded and coaxed back into service. What a treat.

Not unlike our youngsters finally realising they can make a difference through the ballot box they are also realising what a difference a turntable can make. Real music you can touch and feel. Rega of course have a turntable, an amplifier, a pair of speakers and even a CD player for everyone.

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