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Audience is a specialist HiFi shop in Bath. We love our music and film. If you love music and film too then we have just one job to do. Help you find that system that delivers more pleasure than you could ever have expected. A big ask, but that’s what we do. There may be one other thing we can do and that is surprise you. You’ll hear music that delivers more expression than you ever thought possible.


№ 519

The Mark Levinson® № 519 Audio Player combines wireless and wired streaming from networked libraries and streaming services, CD player, and connections for USB drives, digital audio inputs, and Bluetooth® with aptX®.

№ 585

Founded in 1972, the Mark Levinson® brand has become synonymous with extraordinary levels of audio performance and has a reputation in high-end audio design like no other. From that heritage comes perhaps the finest, most-accomplished integrated amplifier ever made: the No585.


Music should sound just right. No question. A hifi system that is right for you will ignite your imagination and leave you breathless at the artistry in front of you. Subtle details will be illuminated and brought to life. We pride ourselves in taking great care choosing hifi equipment from our wonderful manufacturers and suppliers. Even so building a system that is somehow more than the sum of the parts is particularly special. We listen for a chemistry that ignites a reaction with you being the catalyst.

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