A Date For Your Diary – March 8th, 12 until 8pm

Join us to celebrate the launch of our new LP12 upgrades and fall in love with your most treasured vinyl all over again. Now celebrating its 45th anniversary year, the LP12 is still the pinnacle of turntable design. A revolutionary icon that’s still evolving. This event features an exclusive preview of Urika II, the latest breakthrough in phono stage design. You’ll also experience the new Lingo, our upgraded power supply packed with innovative technologies. Come along and be captivated by the incredible performance improvements they bring to every LP12.


Music should sound just right. No question. A system that is right for you will ignite your imagination and leave you breathless at the artistry in front of you. Subtle details will be illuminated and brought to life. We pride ourselves in taking great care choosing equipment from our wonderful manufacturers and suppliers. Even so building a system that is somehow more than the sum of the parts is particularly special. We listen for a chemistry that ignites a reaction with you being the catalyst.


Bowers&Wilkins have just taken a great speaker (The CM S2 series) and made it astounding. They have sprinkled them with some 800D3 technology and made some exciting innovations. They are of course on demonstration for your pleasure.