Tricky things amplifiers these days. It used to be a volume knob, input selector and two speaker outputs for the left and the right speaker.

Well you can have a pre and power amplifier, add in a DAC (digital to analogue converter), add in a Streamer, have a DAC and a Streamer.

What about a bit of Bluetooth and possibly radio. Would you like a bit of room correction for good measure?

We think it’s probably best if you pop in and have a chat. Then everything will become clear.

Home Cinema

Home Cinema amplifiers are a bit like South Seas Walruses. In order to win, they seem to get bigger, more powerful and uglier. And if a Walrus needed bells and whistles it would be the size and as bright as the Blackpool Tower.

Let’s take a step back and remember what we’re trying to achieve. First and foremost just like with music, a film ought to be immersive and communicative. The sound should be precisely steered around you to give that wonderful surround sound effect that creates the sense of being IN the film.

The sound should be balanced and exciting without stripping the enamel from your teeth. And importantly, if you want to play some music through your home cinema system then that too should be enjoyable.


A hi-fi brand that brings you cinema. Yes it has the technically sophisticated DIRAC room correction and the extraordinary DOLBY ATMOS but don’t let that distract you from its ability to deliver an audio and visual experience you will love.