Turn Table Servicing

Audience LP12 and Turntable Service Centre.

We service and upgrade Linn LP12 turntables to standards only 30 years of experience can achieve. No ifs, no buts.


We simply know how to do it extremely well and as importantly want to do it extremely well. We know when a turntable sounds just right. When it is suffused with rhythm, flair and subtly. Music swirls through the grooves.

Ok here’s what we do –

Turntables are initially assessed before we start work.
We can then discuss with you how you would like to proceed.
Customers are often interested in what may be done to improve the performance of their turntable now or in the future. We can supply a ‘menu’ of possibilities for your consideration.

Our service centre is busy so we will have given you an idea of when we can start work. There may be parts to order of course.

Right, we’re off,

An LP12 is stripped down to its component parts.
At this stage, there may be issues we need to contact you about.

Otherwise, everything is cleaned, straightened, some parts replaced (usually springs and grommets).

Then we start the rebuild. – The parts are securely put back together including any upgrades.

Now the magic starts

Setting up the turntable is where all the elements are brought together. Speed setting, the’ bounce’ of the suspension, dressing of the arm cable and earth lead, the geometry of the arm and cartridge.

The turntable is tweaked, nudged and adjusted until it sings as sweetly as a bird/Freddie Mercury/Maria Callas/Tim Buckley/Ella Fitzgerald/a Stradivarius.


Simply, an LP12 service costs £200.00 which includes a new belt.
Other turntables vary depending on condition but £50.00 to £100.00 for a service is a good guide.

Although a simpler turntable, a well set up Rega Planar will also bring music to life. A thorough service and an upgrade will do them a world of good.

Cartridges and Phonostages

There are basically two types of cartridge, high output and low output.
A high output cartridge is usually a moving magnet cartridge and tends to cost between £30.00 and £550.00. I include a high output moving coil cartridge in this category.

A moving coil cartridge usually has a low output and costs go from around £350.00 to £5000.00.

One of the things we often hear people saying is they haven’t used their cartridge much. Well there are a number of things that affect the operation of a cartridge. A good guide is that between 800 to 1200 hours of use a cartridge should be considered for replacement. Another yardstick is age regardless of playing time. After about 6 years a cartridge is just naturally old and should be considered for replacement. The internal pivot pad becomes less compliant and therefore can’t do its job properly. An old, worn, damaged or dirty cartridge will have a damaging effect on your vinyl collection besides sounding a bit ropey if not awful.

 Every turntable must be plugged in to a Phonostage. The Phonostage is like a miniature amplifier which acts as an interface between the cartridge and the main amplifier.

If you’re as old as me you might remember most amplifiers had a phono stage suitable for a moving magnet cartridge built in to it. This assumption can’t be made these days. The signal generated mechanically by waggling a precious stone (the stylus) around in a vinyl groove is tiny. This precious signal must be looked after and guided through the amplification like a feather in a gale.

A phonostage can cost anything from about £100.00 to many thousands of pounds which reflects its performance and the cost and type of cartridge. They are often a smallish and inconspicuous box which can be tucked into a hifi rack. Don’t forget to use a nice interconnect between the Phonostage and amplifier.


Any LP12 can be brought up to a modern day specification. Every part of it from the plinth and platter to the suspension springs and locknuts can be replaced.

Here are just a few things that make a huge difference to the performance of the LP12

– A service
– Karousel Main Bearing
– Lingo4 or Radikal Power Supply
– T-Kable replacement arm cable
– Sub-chasis Kore or Keel
– New motor


A Rega turntable can be upgraded with a 24V motor, external NEO power supply, upgraded white belt.

Upgrades can start from around £125.00 plus fitting (usually included as part of a service) for a new LP12 motor or £21.00 for a Rega white belt

Time for a service?

Contact us to chat about what might be right for you and your turntable.