To say I am thrilled is an understatement and I plan to stay in my “Cave” for the 100 hours (or so) of run-in time. Once again exceptional customer service and like I said a year or so ago the very best retail experience ever for me. I love coming to the demo room and listening to the various systems and the delivery and installation is the “icing on the cake”.

Early days but a notable improvement in aesthetics and detail and I am incredibly pleased – Im going to give them a gentle workout for the first few days and then up the volume … enjoying Springsteen on vinyl right now.

My only thought at this stage is how I am going to work out my next visit to you as my system is now complete.

I am delighted with the Linn phono stage .Both Sarah and I are finding the distinct instrumentation and subtle note modulation a real joy. I am so pleased my researches through the many audio hi fi mags I bought coming up to my 60th birthday (don’t work out how long ago !) led me to Audience then Naim and Linn. Its a true delight , Many thanks

Well done Iain! Thanks for sorting this out so quickly. Really appreciate it. All the best

I finally set my Rega hi-fi up this morning and wanted you to know how pleased I am with it. The gift of first play went to Iggy Pop, New Values album, side 2 track 1, Five foot One, I was grinning ear to ear like a child! It was wonderful. Second play was/is Anima by Thom Yorke, with modern production the sound is astonishing even though speakers aren’t where they will sound best. I’m not sure I could be more pleased and so glad I came back to Audience many years after my first visit to finally buy my dream. Thanks so much for your advice and patience Peter, it was the icing for me and I just wanted to let you know.

I must thank you for your advice on Rega turntables and are pleased you gave us the opportunity to listen to the Rega Planar1 and Planar2. I am over the moon with being given the option to listen to both and to choose the Planar2. We have set up the Planar2 and have connected it through a pre amp to our Sonos system. It have revitalised our vinyl Collection from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. The sound quality over digital, for me, is second to none.

Well, after the first 10 seconds of being speechless, I roared with laughter. When would you realise your mistake and ask for the turntable back and bring me mine! But I’m keeping this one – tough luck! I started with Moaning the Art Blakey classic and it is a really heavy disc audiophile pressing. Amazing. Chick Corea, Metheney, Joan Armatrading, Bobby Womack, The Stones, even Sade sounded better. In the past, I got in the upgrade spiral and rarely felt that speaker cables or platter mats really made a difference but this cartridge, bearing motor and service make a very very noticeable improvement. Thanks, Gentlemen!

Annoyingly been out today – just got back armed with some new vinyl and CDs – so listening and ripping!

Goes without saying outstanding experience today with Ian and shame he had to make 2 journeys but vinyl is on and “do not disturb” sign up for the next several weeks/months!

Will ring later on Thursday thats if I can turn the music off !!!.

The DR seems to separate the music / recording more than before Instruments seem to sound even more lifelike Bass is more controlled, more defined, more enjoyable but still powerful The 300 sounds “more powerful” than before The 300 sounds more capable and seems to cope with complicated pieces of music with much greater ease It feels like I’ve just upgraded to the next Amp up Naim seem to have done all this without loosing any of the “Naimness” that I love Voices are even more 3d My speakers have disappeared even more The DR seems to have made the music more engaging Even my TV sounds better (TV is fed through Naim system)

Linn all set up and sounding fantastic. I think it was Iain who came over and did it and did an excellent job. Also helped tighten up a few bolts on my speakers, so really pleased with the customer service.

Many Thanks for the repair and service, I have been listening to the sweet sounding LP12 and I too am very happy with the Hana SL, it has brought life to many old records / outstanding on a new LP just bought.

Yes, I’m gradually getting to know my new system. It certainly delivers on several fronts – not just the sound quality but also the convenience of having so many music choices at one’s finger tips.

Please thank Iain for a cracking job.

..In one word STUNNING..

…the NDS is sounding awesome and makes the CDS2 sound broken. Who’d ever have thought this would be the case when the CDS2 was born and was “one of the best CD players in the world”!

Having the time of my life re-hearing my music now I’m Exakted. Randomly selecting from my collection since, I’m hearing everything with new ears. Really hearing it for the first time. The clarity, precision, balance and overall aural experience is truly astonishing. Thank you, and Linn!

…..thanks for the invoice and the time last Saturday, looking forward to getting it all done this weekend, this may just be the prelude to an avalanche of requests for help when we find we’re picking up the local constabulary instead of Pink Floyd. By the way have you listened to Tim Hecker, I remember you mentioned a couple of bands you’d been listening to recently that would be in the same genre to this artist; Ravedeath 1972 is especially good.

…just listened to Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’ played through the new system in our front room – sounds truly wonderful and epic!

Just a quick note to thank you for the superb service and advice, culminating in Audio Nirvana – a pair of Bowers and Wilkins 802 Diamonds. As you know, it has been a journey, including discovering the Naim NDS and auditioning various other bits of equipment. What I particularly appreciate is your ability to provide an opportunity to discover and choose a personalised system, without pressure, and enjoying the process yourselves! Nothing has been too much trouble, and I would recommend the experience to any music lover. I wish you all the best for many more years….

…many thanks for the service you carried out, together with the fitting of the new cartridge to my turntable. I am absolutely delighted with the improvement in sound quality compared to the old K9 cartridge, it’s wonderful.