Suggested Systems


Synergy between individual components is a wonderful thing. These systems are not for everyone. Audience’s great strength is always listening to our customers and our commitment to shaping a system that hits that sweet spot for someone’s individual taste.

Let’s start at the beginning with a lovely CD playing system

Rega Apollo CD Player
Rega Brio Amplifier
B&W 685 Loudspeakers
Interconnect and speaker cable (2 x 5m – terminated)
Add a Rega Planar One turntable

Add a radio, streamer and Bluetooth in the shape of –
Arcam Solo Music
B&W 685 speakers
Speaker cable
Add a Rega Planar One turntable, Rega A To D phonostage and interconnect

Or how about a home cinema system
Arcam Solo Movie (all in one including a Blu Ray player)
B&W M1 Speakers x 5
REL T…. Sub Woofer
Some speaker cable
And an interconnect to plug the TV into the Solo Movie