Rega Ania & Fono MC Review

With a range that’s trebled in recent times Rega have clearly got their MC production line up to speed, Ania is the latest and least expensive moving coil that the company has made but it has a lot in common with its pricier range mates. There are more similarities between Ania and both the Apheta 2 and Aphelion than there are differences, the shape of the body is the same and it contains the same tiny iron cross and coil assembly as those two outstanding cartridges. Where it differs is the material used in the body, whereas the ‘bigger’ models have an aluminium structure Ania is made out of PPS, a ‘highly rigid’ moulded plastic which helps keep the price down to half that asked for the Apheta 2. The other difference is the stylus which is elliptical rather than the Vital nude profile of the other Rega MCs. Elliptical styli are less expensive than line contact nude types and ironically, easier to align. (more…)