The radio formally know as Vita...

Ruark R7


These are great sounding digital radios....full stop.

The R1 is a compact single speaker design that has all the features you might expect with timer facilities and pre sets. There is an input for an external source, i-pod for instance.

We cannot overstate how brilliant these little radios sound so please come and hear one before you buy anything else.

The R2 is the stereo version of the R1, so it has two speakers in a larger enclosure. It will give the same superb clarity and depth as the R1 but with greater scale. This will allow the radio to work better in larger rooms and in stereo.

Take an R2, add an i-Pod dock and a CD player and hey presto you have a very modern, high quality music centre.

Now imagine the R2, but not so little any more and you have the R7 - Radiogramme (pictured above).  Ruark have created a 'proper' hifi system with DAB/CD/Bluetooth/Internet Radio & Network music player and have even made a TV bracket for it!