Music for thought

We often get asked what sytems we have at home, or what systems do we recommend. At Audience we are an independent specialist. Just to remind you, this means we choose the manufacturers and equipment we like. Nothing is 'placed' by a suplier in the shop. We have purchased every piece of equipment you see. So what do we recommend.......everything you can see and touch.

Here are some example systems we think you might like 

Let's start with a great inexpensive sytem

Rega Apollo-R CD player with a Rega Brio-R amplifier and a pair of B&W 686 speakers - £1450.00

Fancy adding a turntable? Just plug a Rega RP1 costing just £230.00 including a cartridge directly into your Brio-R amplifier.

Here's another upgrade, add the Rega DAC costing £598.00 plus a digital interconnect - wow.


Here's a belter

Naim Audio Super Uniti with B&W CM10 S2s - £6674.00

This is an awesome simple single box streaming system. Grab your iPad and get playing.

Lets crank the flexibility, performance and cost up,

Linn Akurate DSM, Linn Akurate 4200 power amplifier with two bass aktiv cards and a pair of Majik Isobarik loudspeakers -  £14,140.00

A sublime streaming system which will play anything you listen to at home. It has digital ins and outs including HDMI. Play YouTube and spotify through it.