Here's a simple idea. An awful lot of us have an iPod or MP3 player. That means we have probably stored our music on a computer or network. So why not leave it there and develop a product that is a true piece of Hi-Fi that can stream the music directly from where it is stored and deliver an unrivalled performance. Add to this the convenience of intuitive access to all your music with the staggering joy of re-discovering those long looked over classics. 


Well it is here with a BANG. Playing music will never be the same again. Add to this the opening floodgate of music over the Internet in the form of internet radio or mind-blowing services such as Last.FM and there is one thing for absolutely sure - Music is alive and kicking and it just got even better.


 To the left of this page there is a list of manufacturers who have embraced this technology and have produced incredible products including Linn DS and Naim Uniti and HDX.



 1) Record (RIP) your CDs to your computer or a network storage device. To do this properly use a quality ripper such as DBPoweramp. We like to Rip to WAV files but FLAC or AIFF are good alternatives. DO NOT USE LOSSY COMPRESSION (mp3 FOR EXAMPLE). We have Ripping NAS drives to make this a little easier.

2) Connect a Linn or Naim Streamer physically to your network

3) Make sure you have a upnp media server (sotware that will run on your network storage or your computer - THE LIBRARIAN IN THE SYSTEM)

4) Use an APP on an iPad/iTouch/iPhone. Android Tablet or your PC/MAC to select and play your music. Cyrus supply a remote control for this and music can be selected from the front screen on a Naim streamer.


And this is better? you bet. By pre-reading the music during the Ripping process and effectively removing any moving parts from the player music sounds exquisitely natural and dare I say vinyl like.