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Sonos, wireless multi-room music system


We can't remember the last time we sold a recording device, be it tape or CDR.

Everyone today seems to use an i-Pod, MP3 player or hard drive to store music. Whilst the sound quality is ok enough, the convenience of it is really great.

Enter the of those systems that you know someone has sat down and thought 'how would I like it to work'.


Essentially Sonos is a music vehicle streaming data from your computer network. OK, so what does it do for me?

  1. Allows you to play different music from the same storage device in up to 32 rooms
  2. Lets you control any of those rooms from your iOS/Android device or PC/MAC.
  3. You can link the rooms in party mode.
  4. Access TuneIn internet Radio which gives you pretty much every radio station in the world
  5. Stream almost any music available from Napster or Spotify over the Internet (around £10.00 per month)
  6. Under certain conditions some or all of these rooms can be wireless.

Record your music uncompressed onto a network drive and you have the biggest multi-disc CD player ever.


Also available is a home cinema system using the reliable wireless Sonos system.  This comproses of a Playbar which is placed by your television, then you optionally add a Sonos subwoofer and or 2 x Sonos Play 1s or Play 3s for the whole surround experience.


Latest news... Up until now to use a Sonos system a wired connection was required from the router to a piece of Sonos kit (either a Play or a Bridge), with the release of the latest software update this has now changed.  You can now set up the system using your existing Wifi network so no wire is required.  (Please note that a wired connection is still required into the Sonos mesh network if the Playbar is used)


We have a variety of Sonos sytems on permanent demonstration, no appointment necessay.