Rega RP1 Union Jack

Distinctive styling, affordable and sounds like vinyl…but it's CD? Must be Rega.

Ever since the original Planar turntable, Rega have made components that challenge the difference between HiFi systems and music systems.

But they are the same, aren't they? If you notice your CD collection getting bigger and bigger and your musical taste becoming more varied…you have a music playing system. If not, you have a HiFi system.

Rega aim to give you a music playing system at a price that will help cover the cost of all those new discs…

We have now in our shop some new and exciting products from Rega...

Rega Elex amplifier

Elex-R amplifier, a fusion of the Brio-R and Ellicit-R in a full width chasis. 

 Rega Ellicit amplifier

Ellicit-R amplifier, bringing you even closer to the music...

Rega A2D analogue to digital converter

A2D phono stage, connect you turntable to a line level input on your amplifier, or via USB to your computer.