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SONOS have updated their software to 5.1.  The .1 bit is referring to the fact that you can now setup a Sonos system without requiring to plug one of the components into the Router (Except if you have a playbar).  So now it is possible to start a new SONOS system using just a PLAY:1 at £169. 


Another fantasic product has entered our doors... The Elex-R integrated amp, think Brio-R only better!


We now have the amazing Linn Exact system on perminent display 


SONOS Soundbar is connected and ready for action! 


The Epson EH-TW7200 projector is now fitted in our demo room


The all new B&W 600 serier speakers have landed, and sound brilliant. 




Linn Akurate system - beauty and musicallity in perfect harmony


Naim Ovator 400 speakers - just fantastic


The new B&W 800 Diamond series - when you thought it couldn't get any better


The Arcam rCube, rwave and rWand - majic for your iPod


A little secret, the Elipson Planet L - big, round and for £600 a truly remarkable speaker, stands £200.


The new Rega DAC - It's a Rega so it sounds great at a great price, that's a Rega


We are the very excited owners of the very wonderful Spendor A9 speakers. If you just went by the reviews you'd buy a pair today, we would rather you heard them.