Like a mountain stream

The story of Linn products goes back for many years. It is a continuous unfolding journey of discovery. What is clear is the companies remarkable marrying of technical and engineering innovation with a deep commitment to uncovering the soul that lies at the heart of music. So much of life is wham bang, bigger brighter or faster. The fact is there is beauty and subtlety all around us that can be drowned out if we don't pause and take a moment to enjoy.



Let's take a brief look at an Akurate DS.

Many of us have music on our computers. We download it to our MP3 players and enjoy unprecendented access to tons of music on the move. Well how about building a piece of true performance hi-fi to take the music directly from your computer via a modem. Hey Presto you have the awesome Akurate DS. The joy of easy, intuitive access to all your music is suplemented by the most inspiring performance. A DS isn't just for Christmas, it's for life.

Take a look at our music streaming section for some in depth information on how it works.