5th November 2014 - The Linn Exakt roadshow is coming to Audience soon... More information to follow. 

We are planning to arrange a few events over the course of 2012.

Besides manufacturer events such as Linn DS we are happy to receive any ideas from you.


As a suggestion we may run a Computer Audio event, a Vinyl event or a Who Needs Cables event.

Perhaps we should start a music club to listen to some old classics and some modern music. We could get guest speakers in to talk about music or hi fi.

Let us know what you think.

Good to see everyone at our Naim event and sorry we didn't get round to contacting everyone. LET US KNOW YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS and we can keep you in touch with what's going on at Audience.

Special thanks to Chelsea, Jason, Paul and Phil of Naim for their support.


Jason of Naim conserving his energy before the start of the event

Paul FOH 

A gentlemany exchange of extreme views

Keith and Charlie FOH 

The pupil starts teaching the teacher

Phil FOH 

How do we make Hardware? We get a big bloke with a TVR to knead the software for hours, then we bake it for days and it becomes hardware.