Nice to meet you

Here are some links to people who we like and trust that we come into contact with during our working day.

Thanks to Untold for our lovely website.

Darren at Banbury Aerials does a superb job, Sky, CCTV.

Don't go here it's addictive Miniclip

Jacqui Stokes is our accountant. And very good she is too

I have just spent the day at The Bertinet Kitchen Cookery school in Bath. People had travelled from as far afield as London to attend. The day was absolutely wonderful with expert and generous tuition from Richard Bertinet who runs the school with passion and humour. At 3.0 o'clock we sat down and ate the bread we had made with a superb selection of salads meats, cheeses and wine. 

Two doors down from us is a wonderful little organic deli. The Best Of British source organic products from the UK only. Scrummy organic hampers or call in for gorgeous quiche or unbelievable lemon polenta cake