We intend this page to be an informal window into the shop for those that may be interested.

We will include our shop news plus the arrival of new products.

If there is something you would like us to add please let us know.


The Linn Exakt roadshow is coming to Audience soon... More information to follow. 

On the 12th of September the Tour of Britain is coming to Bath, a great excuse to visit the City.

LP12's, LP12's, LP12's!  The classic decks have been coming in to us thick and fast recently for some TLC, servicing and upgrades.  Bring in yours no matter how old and let us work our magic!   

Another high quality streaming service that also has studio master albums available to download. www.qobuz.com 

HDTracks has now come to the UK for all your HiRes music requirements... www.hdtracks.co.uk 

We'll have the Linn Akubariks here middle of August for a couple of weeks (2013).


A new great little pair of Bluetooth speakers from Ruark

All Geneva'd up.......

Very pleased with Geneva our latest range of radios and iPod players. We have the Worldradio with the DAB+ and Model S arriving soon.

HELLO to PMC, we recently have become a dealer and we have the Twenty 21 and 23s here. We will have the FACT8s here for a couple of weeks from this Friday 17/5/13

Streaming Audio is hugely successful and I'm loving it........come and try it, you will too.

We've done a couple of successful Linn Lounges and there will be more.

So, 2013.......firstly I'm really looking forward to having Electrocompaniet here. What I've seen and heard so far has been very positive.

2012 zipped by and I can't remember what happened.

This is silly but I like it http://www.unitunitunit.com/qwertybeats/

Just came across this site http://www.music-map.com/ A bit like LastFM in a way, but gives you visual map of what music you may like.

You might not know but Audience is a Naim 500 series dealer, a Linn Akurate dealer and a B&W 800 series dealer - AND PROUD.

So what has been going on and what is to come. Well 2010 was definately the year that the general conciousness of Digital Streamer of music seemed to rise significantly. Not only that but the DAC is BAC(k). We have four wonderful offerings from Arcam, Rega, Cyrus and Naim. This is the 'digital' age of course and so many devices now have a digital output including CD players, digital streamers such as the Sonos ZP90s, computers, Sky Boxes, Freeview Boxes, DAB radios and iPods. Most of these would benefit from an improved Digital to Analogue Converter.

Well here we are in 2011. We had a pretty interesting year in 2010, tough but we're still here, learning and enjoying.

I'm also sure that I'm way behind everybody else, but I have been having a great time creating a playlist (for myself) on Spotify. For those of you who haven't heard, Spotify is a free internet streaming music service. Just download, logon and catch up on all those forgotton gems. Have a go at Last.FM as well. Put in an artist and let the digital world deliver music you might like based on that artist - love it.
So I'm rubbish at keeping a diary. It must be a year since I updated this and guess what, we're having another Naim Summer Sounds Roadshow on 2nd July - be there or be....... more info from our home page.

We often look around the shop and try to see it through our customers' eyes. There is always something that we think looks tatty or in the wrong place. We thought a lick of paint on the upstairs demo room would look nice for our Naim open day on Tuesday. Four hours later with the floor up, we're hiding cables filling holes and our very own Superman, Iain is hard at it still.