Technology Tamed

Built to your individual specifications

Custom installation is the process of integrating all your home
electronic equipment– for entertainment, communications,
automation, security – into the architectural and interior design
of your house so it becomes as unobtrusive and integral to the
home as central heating and is as intuitive to operate.
Custom installation (CI) projects can vary enormously in size and
complexity. Anything is possible, from a simple two-way intercom
system, to a home cinema with a LED screen or projector,
surround-sound, in-wall speakers, special lighting, individual
seating and custom décor, along with every imaginable form of
automation, from projector screens that drop when you turn on a projector to lights that operate while you are away from home.

Audience frequently develop innovative solutions to
your needs and problems created by building or design specifications.
As a result, we are used to working closely and
co-operating with architects, builders, and interior designers.

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We design, specify and install systems for the way you live.