Innovative and enjoyable

Arcam Hifi

Arcam has been making quality electronics for over 25 years. If we had to sum up their approach it would be: VALUE FOR MONEY

Years ago the HiFi market was ruled by Japanese products with Graphic equalisers and flashing lights. Arcam had the guts and belief to take them on, making performance inspired products that broke new ground and woke us all up. They and we have never looked back.

Today Arcam still delights us with highly specified products and the same value for money that excited us all those years ago. We have their new range of entry level FMJ products here. Diva has shed its mortal coil and been replaced by the new King. We can now all benefit from that Full Metal Jacket build quality and wonderful performance.

And.....don't forget for all the overheated reviews of its rivals, Arcam still makes what we think are the best sounding and most enjoyable Home Cinema products around.